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Level 1, 2 & 3 Package Deal

So, you are interested in the Professional Speakers Federation Level 1, 2 & Level 3 course package. Well, you have come to the right place!

Right now, Speech Mastery Level 2 "Foundations of Professional Speaking"and Level 3 "Building & Delivering Your Presentation" are sold as a package deal.

Below you can find what is included in your registration fee.

Level 1: Vocal Development & Body Support  Self-Study course ($979 Value)

Level 2 Speech Mastery ($1979 Value)

Level 3 Courses at single event pricing ($1979 Value)

Pre-event One-on-One Coaching Call with Chris ($500 Value)

12 Group Coaching Calls ($3000 Value)

Total Value: $9437

Your Price: Just $1979

Want an extra $500 off your registration fee?

"Chris is very knowledgeable about what it takes to become a paid speaker. But, not only a paid speaker but an authentic and knowledgeable speaker. This includes being prepared, verifying your data/information and the “3P’s”, Practice, Practice, Practice!

This certification breaks down how to go about the process from start to finish. Sometimes we tend to walk into classes thinking we know everything. Well, “build your bridge and get over it”, there is always something to learn to improve your knowledge and abilities.

I am overwhelmed in a very good and positive way. Can’t wait to do my homework! No, I am not crazy. I can already see what the work will do for my speaking business. Thank you, Chris, for your knowledge, information and enthusiasm."

Adrienne Edmondson

Self-Proclaimed "Chris’ New Minion"