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Wealth It Forward, it starts with you.

The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Programs are geared to support you to create health and wealth in all areas of your life.

Healthy Wealthy & Wise Coaching Program

A Community to Change the World


No matter how fulfilled we feel or how successful we have become, we all have areas in our life that could use improvements. Some areas more than others


Take a closer look at the key areas in your life – Relationships, Spirituality, Habitual, Physical, Career and Financial.


Are you just going through the motions to keep up with the demands of your career, your relationships, your financial commitments?

Individuals make an impact

If every person would Wealth It Forward in a small way, the world would change for the better. It doesn’t have to be a small group making grand gestures. It can be individuals making small gestures that create a bigger impact. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are educated, inspired and motivated!

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Make the world a better place

At Healthy Wealthy and Wise®, our mission is to make the world a better place through community and the coaching conversation. Our global education and support resources actualize our mission.

Community of Support

The community of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Coaching® Program - and your personal coach in the program - support you as you surpass your personal and professional boundaries to create your unique abundant, purposeful life.

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testimonial Mitchell Parker

Mitchell Parker

Alberta, Canada

In today’s world, life is unpredictable. Joining Healthy Wealthy and Wise® offered me the ability to take back control. The confidence and security I gained allowed me to retire from my police officer career and shed my fears about my financial future.

Ronda Lauer

Ronda Lauer

Ontario, Canada

I am a successful and enthusiastic Certified Coach through the Certified Coaches Federation and have been a member of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Platinum Coaching Program since 2017 with astonishing results that have completely transformed my life. My utmost respect and gratitude to the founder of the program, Derrick Sweet, and the leaders who have helped to pave the path for the development of abundance for those “hungry” for MORE.

Monica Sotirakos

Monica Sotirakos

Ontario, Canada

2 yrs ago I embarked on an early retirement, or so I thought! After joining HWW I discovered new opportunities to expand my circle of influence in all aspects of life. My health, my dealings with my loved ones, my mind, my dreams, all have been enhanced through all this amazing program offers. Being a coach allows me to impact someone else's life by empowering them to strive for a better way of living.
I feel I am a better person and as a coach I look to inspire others to be their best as well.

Our deepest desire is to help you live a passionate life with abundance and prosperity!

The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program is a personal and business development opportunity for coaches looking to better their lives and their friends and family’s lives around them.

Build relationships with like-minded people who value personal development, spirituality, health and wellness, and who believe in holistic wealth. Create lasting connections while sharing experiences and perspectives in a dynamic community of leaders.

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