Our Divisions

At the Corporate level, Healthy Wealthy and Wise® has three main divisions: Certified Coaches Federation, Healthy Wealthy & Wise® Coaching Program, and the Professional Speakers Federation. Flip the panels below to learn more.

Certified Coaches Federation

Certified Coaches Federation's life coach certification and executive coach certification course are offered in numerous cities around the world.

Healthy Wealthy & Wise Coaching Program

Through the Healthy Wealthy & Wise® Coaching program, learn to surpass your personal and professional boundaries and create your unique abundant, purposeful life.

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The Professional Speakers Federation offers powerful courses to help you be your best as a speaker.

Creating Abundance


Physical Abundance is gained from healthy eating and lifestyle practices that suit the individual.


Spiritual Abundance comes from the life lessons we learn from our friends, family, and companions.


Financial Abundance comes from wise money management and the investments we make in ourselves.

Are you tired of NOT living a BIG LIFE?

It's time to reset, reboot, and re-energize!

Get ready to be part of something that will elevate you in every aspect of your life! Big Life is a community that brings together people who want to learn from, and encourage, each other to live a BIG LIFE - and to inspire others to do the same!

The BIG LIFE Challenge is a 60-day holistic personal and professional growth opportunity that will reboot and reset your way of life.

Join us in our quest to LIVE BIG!

About Us

Our courses and customized training programs have become known throughout the world for helping individuals, companies and organizations gain the skills and techniques necessary to reach their full potential!