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Understand: The Four Minute Overview

Healthy Wealthy & Wise Coach Program

With Healthy Wealthy and Wise® you can enjoy a variety of resources including monthly live webinars and a library of recorded episodes creating abundance in all areas of your life as well as tools, resources and opportunity to create financial freedom. You’ll also receive one-on-one and group coaching to support you on your journey.

Healthy Wealthy & Wise Coaching Program

The Four-Minute Overview

The program encompases all aspects you need to get yourself out of your own way, grow personally and professionally to create abundance.

Wealth TV™ Series

  • Coaching Wealth TV™
    (Certain Members Only)
  • Earth Wealth TV™
  • Emotional Wealth TV™
  • Fitness Wealth TV™
  • Investment Wealth TV™
    (Certain Members Only)
  • Relationship Wealth TV™
  • Physical Wealth TV™
  • Spiritual Wealth TV™

Professional Development

  • Certified Coach Practitioner™ Course
  • Speech Mastery Course™ Fundamentals
  • Certified Advanced Coach Training™
  • Life Mastery Course™
  • Hypnolinguistics®
  • Saving Lives with Forks and Knives®
  • Neuroscience of Bliss™
  • Cancer Prevention Formula™
  • Certified Group Coach Training™
  • Superhero Course™
  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course


  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Personal Development Library
  • Regular Support

Business Development

  • Sales Mastery Course™
  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner™ Course
  • Investique®
  • Speech Mastery Course™ Fundamentals
  • Superhero Course™
Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers

British Columbia, Canada

My journey with the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program has left me with a sense of enlightenment and clarity in my life. It is such an amazing program that allows you to make deep connections with yourself and other people. I continue to develop as a leader and a person while in the program and I am forever grateful for the wonderful experience!

Adale Boudreau

Adale Boudreau

Ontario, Canada

When I joined the Healthy Wealthy and Wise®️ Coaching Program my goal was to take my coaching business to the next level.  I could not believe what else I found....

The personal development and growth that I have gone through is staggering. It's made me realize that we're never done growing and learning and we need to always embrace change and challenges in life. I never expected to discover a tribe of the most amazing individuals all on their own journeys ready to share their knowledge and wisdom.  If this would have been all I gained from joining I would have got my money's worth. When you add in the coaching income aspect and the income from the investment research it's the best decision I have ever made! 

Life is short it's time to jump in!! 

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