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Would you like to create a successful career based on your existing skills and experiences that will allow you to embrace abundance and happiness in all areas of your life?
Coach Training Programs need not be time-consuming or complicated. The people who become coaches through the Certified Coaches Federation have real life experience  -- the victories, the losses, the frustrations -- to offer perspective, insights and solutions for their clients, and they appreciate that we deliver education in a straightforward way.

Certified Coaches Federation

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Larunce Pipkin

Austin, Texas

If you desire a complete marketing strategy to propel your coaching business to the next level, this is it! What I learned in the first three weeks was worth the tuition and it would have saved me months and months of struggling. Should you take the CMCP course? My answer, is an unequivocal, resounding Yes!”

Sarah Antilope

Ontario, Canada

I am so happy that I took the Certified Coach Practitioner™ course! The material was nicely paced and very enlightening. I would definitely recommend this training to others!

Michael Ritzmann

BC, Canada

I am very satisfied with this training as CCP from the CCF. This course was led by Abe Brown, who has taught very competent, structured, purposeful, professional, sensitive and also humorous. For me, this course was exactly what I was looking for and provides a good foundation for building a good coaching business. I can recommend this training with a clear conscience.

Testimonial Blake Miles

Blake Miles, N2L Transformations

Ontario, Canada

This course is a must for coaches who want to serve clients at the highest level while building a profitable coaching practice. Well structured and efficiently presented, this course is challenging but not overwhelming. It's 10 weeks well spent producing the blueprint for a thriving coaching business. Rod Macdonald is a fun, knowledgeable instructor, who took the time to answer any and all questions we had to ensure our success in the course.

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The Certified Coaches Federation offers powerful courses that get to the heart of the coaching process. We’ve fine-tuned the course information so that your learning experience is engaging, relevant and effective.

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