Chris Scappatura

President, Professional Speakers Federation

Chris Scappatura, PSF President

Chris lives life in general with an enthusiasm that can only be described as contagious. This year, Chris is celebrating 40 years as an entrepreneur. Along the way, Chris has developed businesses in the service, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing industries.

Throughout the ’80s and early ’90s Chris opened a number of small businesses in his hometown of North Bay, Ontario. A clothing store, a skateboard shop, a bingo hall and a lawn cutting service were just a few of his ventures. As a young entrepreneur in the community, Chris was asked to speak to a youth group about “business start-ups”, this would be his first speaking gig! Recognized for his ability to connect with people, Chris was asked to speak several more times and also began coaching on the topic.

In 1995 Chris and his wife Elisabeth accepted an invitation from Elisabeth’s brother to help him open a dental practice, in Cambridge Ontario. That move would ultimately transform Chris' life from an occasional speaker to a professional. With good fortune and hard work, Chris landed his first professional gig a couple of years later, in Boston, to a large enthusiastic group!  

In 1999, Chris began developing business management systems for the dental industry. He helped many dental practitioners and their staff, across North America, implement lasting solutions with his ability to "get-to-the-root of a problem".  

Due to the overwhelming success of his business management systems, Chris began conducting seminars and workshops on practice management and personal development; pinpointing ways to improve the overall office environment. Topics include "Can't We All Get Along" and "Elements of a Great Office Meeting".

In recent years, Chris has developed new topics that reflect his passion for living life with contagious enthusiasm. Topics include “Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed”, “After Me You Come First”, and his newest topic “Happiness Is In the Details”. Chris has presented at a variety of events across North America and Europe. He inspires audiences to create positive change in their lives. Chris will have you laughing and learning with his energetic style and humorous presentations; while his information is easy to understand and apply to your life. 

It’s a learning experience you’ll be sure to remember and share.

Telephone: 866-455-2155