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As a Certified Coaches Federation graduate and member, you have may wish to have a custom website built for you or your business by one of our highly qualified web designers.

Website Design

One of the most important parts of being successful as a coach is having a great website with lead capture integrated. We have take out the guesswork and are now offering you a turn-key solution to getting your own custom website at an incredibly affordable cost. Instead of fiddling with building it yourself or overpaying for something you’re not happy with, leave it to us and we will create a powerful website that will support you in your coaching career.

View a Custom Website Sample – Ascend Your Destiny

What’s Included?

Domain Registration: We will take care of registering your new top-level domain (i.e. such as .com, .ca, etc. up to a value of $20 per year. If you wish to purchase additional domains, or wish to use a domain that is more expensive, you just pay the difference.

Domain Transfer: If you already own your domain, we will transfer it so it can be used, up to a cost of $20, if applicable. If it costs more, you just pay the difference.
Hosting: We will take care of arranging hosting and pay for the hosting for as long as you are a Gold member of CCF.

Email Marketing Platform: We will set up your email marketing platform. If you wish to have more than 2,000 contacts or use additional features, any additional costs will be your responsibility.

Website Design: We will design a beautiful website for you, including the following sections: “About Me” “Free Guide” (Lead Capture connected to email marketing platform) “Testimonials” “Coaching Packages” and “Contact us.” These top level menu options can be changed.

Social Media Linking: We will also connect your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to your new website

Revisions: We will do two rounds of revisions once your website is complete. If you need additional designer coding time, our designer will be available at $100 per hour (many updates would be under an hour) with a one-hour minimum.

Easy to follow checklist: We will provide you with an easy to follow checklist so you can gather all the relevant materials needed (bio, photos, package descriptions, etc.)

Keywords for SEO: We will enter all the relevant keywords into the backend of your website so it has the greatest likelihood of being seen by search engines such as Google.

Learn More:

Visit “Ascend Your Destiny” to view a sample website design. Upon purchase, you will receive a set of confirmation emails that will direct you to a landing page with a list of specific requirements our web designers will need from you to get started.

If you are a CCF GOLD MEMBER, you receive a 50% discount on a custom website, normally retailing for $1500. Click here for your exclusive price.

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