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Professional Speakers Federation Programs & Courses

The Professional Speakers Federation offer different levels of Professional Speaker training. These courses and programs are designed to guide you through all the steps of becoming a Professional Speaker and growing your business as a coach!

All Levels are offered in an online format, some live and some as self-study.

Whether you are a seasoned professional speaker or just starting your career, there is a course for you to take your speaking to the next level!

Click on the images below to learn more about each course.

The Speech Mastery Levels 1 & 2 are a package deal!

This package will provide you with the fundamentals of effective communication and the foundations of speaking, delivered in part through a self-study format and part in a two-day intensive course!

Fundamentals of Effective Communication

Fundamentals of Effective Communication

Speech Mastery | Level 1

Fundamentals of Effective SpeakingIn the Professional Speakers Federation Speech Mastery Level 1 training program, learn the fundamentals of effective and clear communication, in any industry, in any professional role!

Considered PSF’s entry level Speech Mastery training course, this self-study 9-module online course teaches you everything from vocal development and body support to getting hired and making an impact and income.

What's included in the Fundamentals of Effective Communication course?

  • Session 1: Speaking Publicly
  • Session 2: Getting Over the Fear
  • Session 3: What Can I Speak About?
  • Session 4: Ways to Present Your Message
  • Session 5: Vocal Warm-Up
  • Session 6: Body Movement
  • Session 7: Getting Hired
  • Session 8: Income – Impact
  • Session 9: Now, What’s the Next Step?

Speaking Publicly

  • Characteristics of great speakers
  • What is required of you to become a great speaker

Getting Over the Fear

  • Overcome or eliminate your fear of public speaking
  • Strategies to elevate your presentation delivery

What Can I Speak About?

  • How to find ideas for your topic
  • How to narrow down your topic ideas
  • Find clarity on what to speak about

Ways to Present Your Message

  • Learn the four primary styles of speaking and presentation delivery
  • Learn the secondary options that could affect your presentation

Vocal Warm-Up

  • Warm up exercises
  • Strengthening exercise
  • Articulation
  • Sound productions
  • Phonetics
  • Fatigue
  • Maintenance

Body Movement

  • Warm up exercises
  • Use of hands 
  • Gestures
  • Facial expression
  • Stage positioning
  • Standing vs seating
  • Movement
  • Maintenance

Getting Hired

  • Different opportunities to explore professional and public speaking
  • 7 methods on how you may get hired
  • Fundamentals of marketing your presentation

Income - Impact

  • Income vs. Impact
  • Creating income with Your Story
  • Creating impact with Your Story
  • How to create revenue from speaking at an event

Now What's the Next Step?

  • Strategies to review and apply what you've learned
  • How to elevate your speaking skills

Included with the Level 1 & 2 Bundle!

Ready to take Level 1 Speech Mastery training? Click here to learn more about the self-study course now!

Foundations of Professional Speaking

Foundations of Professional Speaking

Speech Mastery | Level 2

PSF L2 GoldIn the Professional Speakers Federation Speech Mastery Level 2 training program, you learn what it takes to be a professional speaker and things you should consider about speaking.

Figure out your "why", learn how to earn income and create impact with Your Story, and how to distill facts and data to build your story with impact.

Session One

Speaking as a Career

  • Things to consider about speaking
    • Why now?
    • Impact vs. income
    • Getting over the fear of speaking
    • Social commitment
    • The road less traveled
    • What is your timeline?
  • What is expected of you in the speaking role
  • What to expect for others when you become a speaker
  • Common characteristics of great speakers
  • How are speakers hired?
  • Who hires speakers for different events
  • What is your 'why'?
    • What is your motivation?
    • What are you passionate about?
  • How much could you earn as a speaker?

Session assignment

Session Two

Crafting Your Message - Stories, Facts & Data

  • Unique
    • Brand - who you are
    • Story - mess to success
    • Style of delivery
  • Facts and story
  • Where to find the facts
  • Other forms of data / facts
  • How to data mine for information
  • Preparing to collect the data
  • How to conduct Interviews
  • How to distilling the data you find
  • How to make it all about them through your story
  • Story building
    • What will you speak on?
    • Teaching points
    • Always remain true to…

Session assignment

Session Three

Crafting Your Message - Research & Data Sorting

  • How to research effectively
  • How to prioritize the information
    • Through the six step presentation flow
  • How to categorize the information
    • Through the six step presentation flow
  • Best practices on story data management
  • Making your story all about them
    • Your story - Their result

Session assignment

Building & Delivering Your Presentation

Building & Delivering Your Presentation

Speech Mastery | Level 3

PSF L3 PurpleIn the Professional Speakers Federation Speech Mastery Level 3 course, you will learn the in-depth process of creating your presentation, including pre-presentation formatting and styling, to creating your introduction, closing, and everything in between.

Perfect the art of creating and delivering your Call To Action, and close your presentation with the most impact possible.

Session One

Before Creating Your Presentation

  • Choosing your presentation method
    • Keynote
    • Seminar
    • Workshop
    • Breakout
    • Virtual
    • Recorded
    • In person
  • Tools of the trade
  • Audience demographics
  • Why are you speaking?
  • Style of presentation

Session assignment

Session Two

Creating Your Presentation - Your Introduction

  • Key components for an introduction
  • Building a great introduction
  • Setting the hook
  • Plan on a strong introduction
  • Timing for your introduction
  • They won't hear you until they know you
  • Strong introduction by the person introducing you
  • Plan B
  • What if there is no one to introduce you?
  • Writing style

Session assignment

Session Three

Creating Your Presentation - Your Opening

  • Taking the stage
  • Riding the momentum
  • Grabbing the audience's attention
  • Leading with...
    • Asking a question
    • Making a statement
    • Telling a story joke
  • Why they are here today
  • Why you?
  • Who are you?
    • What results & outcomes will you offer?
    • Why it may work for your audience
  • Setting the main content
  • Timing for your opening

Session assignment

Session Four

Creating Your Presentation - Your Main Content

  • This is why your audience is here
  • Presentation pacing
    • Faster vs. more content
  • Content components
  • Different segment styles
  • Different support material
  • How much content to deliver
    • Keynote
    • Seminar
    • Workshop
    • Breakout
  • Timing for your main content

Session assignment

Session Five

Creating Your Presentation - Your Closing

  • Summarizing story
  • Tell them what you told them
  • Review key learning points for creating your closing
  • What are you closing?
  • When do you start closing?
  • Call to Action
    • What do you want them to do?
    • Asking
    • What will you offer?
    • Crafting the ideal offer

Session assignment