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Picture yourself speaking on a stage with confidence to a crowd of people hanging on your every word. Imagine hearing the sound of that same crowd cheering for you and how you will feel empowered and grateful for the opportunity to share your message with the world.

Whether your goal is to train a room of five people or entrance a room of 5,000, the Professional Speakers Federation exists to prepare you to speak with confidence, create presentations with ease and build a successful business as a speaker. The PSF's Speech Mastery training is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their communication and speaking skills.

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Chris Scappatura professional speaker

Your experience as a speaker is less important that your desire to be the best speaker you can be.

Whether you are starting out or you want to take your speaking career to the next level, Professional Speakers federation has education and coaching designed to help you achieve your goals.

Our training is designed to take you through all the steps needed to become a professional speaker, a public speaker, or even a clearer communicator or presenter.

Learn everything from the fundamentals of effective communication, vocal development, and crafting your message and sharing it clearly with your audience, to what it takes to speak publicly or at a professional level.

Take your speaking and communication to the next level.

Learn from the Professional Speakers Federation.

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Speaker Rod MacdonaldThe Professional Speakers Federation training programs are delivered in both live and self-study formats for those around the world seeking to elevate their speaking skills!

PSF offers a variety of training opportunities for the novice to the experienced speaker.

For those seeking a career in the speaking industry, we have our Speaker Certification programs, designed to equip you with the necessary skills to prepare, present, and prosper.

For those seeking to develop strong speaker and communication skills in their industry, the PSF's Speech Mastery training programs are for you.

The Professional Speakers Federation offers powerful courses to help you be your best as a speaker.

Whether you want to learn to speak just to tell your story or want to combine speaking with your coaching, writing, or influencing in any way, PSF's speaker training is one of the most powerful conduits to accomplish your goals.

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The LEADER in Speaker Certification.

What are people saying?

"Chris is very knowledgeable about what it takes to become a paid speaker. But, not only a paid speaker but an authentic and knowledgeable speaker. This includes being prepared, verifying your data/information and the “3P’s”, practice, practice, practice!

This certification breaks down how to go about the process from start to finish. Sometimes we tend to walk into classes thinking we know everything. Well, “build your bridge and get over it”, there is always something to learn to improve your knowledge and abilities.

I am overwhelmed in a very good and positive way. Can’t wait to do my homework! No, I am not crazy. I can already see what the work will do for my speaking business. Thank you, Chris, for your knowledge, information and enthusiasm."

Adrienne Edmondson - "One of Chris' New Minions"

"I attended Chris' live online Speech Mastery course not knowing much about public or professional speaking. What I left with was not only a wealth of knowledge (and notes) but a newly discovered passion and desire to speak on a professional level.

Chris over-delivered on every topic. He had an entertaining story and solid answer to every student's question and I was blown away by the amount of information that was covered and the techniques that I learned to move forward with my journey in speaking.

Chris has such an enthusiastic and joyful energy that beams through the computer screen and it is clear that his experiences and professional path has led him to his calling. He is a natural educator and an absolute joy to watch during his presentations. I look forward to taking all of Chris' courses and cannot wait to see what he has in store for the Professional Speakers Federation!"

Alex - New to Speaking

This past weekend, I attended the Level 2 & 3 Speech Mastery program with Chris Scappatura from the Professional Speakers Federation. I am, of course, still processing it all but there are several things that stand out to me from the training.

Listening to Chris touch on so much (everything from how to prepare for different kinds of speeches, to how to get hired, to what technology to use, to inspiring your audience AND much more) made me realize how much I didn’t know but because of Chris’ expertise & his generosity in sharing it, I can now learn and with practice, develop the skills I need. After this weekend, I now have a roadmap. There’s a lot of work required but having Chris light the path for me has been very helpful!

Chris’ years of experience in public speaking were very obvious. The wealth of tools, tips & resources he provided are helpful for a person at any stage in the speaking journey.

Another thing that stood out to me is Chris’ desire to serve people. It stands out because of the difference from other public speaking training. Chris teaches about being authentic and impacting others. We can inspire others and there’s a need for that in our world.

It was a very informative but also motivational training. I’m grateful to have participated.

Thank you, Chris, for your enthusiasm and passion for this work.


Fundamentals of Effective Speaking

Speech Mastery: Fundamentals of Effective Communication


PSF’s Speech Mastery: Fundamentals of Effective Communication Considered PSF’s entry-level Speech Mastery training course, this self-study 9-module online course teaches you everything from vocal development and body support to getting hired and making an impact and income. Learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be an effective and clear communicator, in any industry, and…

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