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The Professional Speakers Federation

Picture yourself on a stage speaking with confidence to a crowd who are hanging on your every word. Imagine hearing the sound of that same crowd clapping for you and how you will feel empowered and grateful for the opportunity to share your message with the world.


Whether your goal is to train a room of five people or entrance a room of 5,000, the Professional Speakers Federation exists to prepare you to speak with confidence, create presentations with ease and build a successful business as a speaker.

Speaker Rod Macdonald

Wondering if you're a good fit for our programs?

Your experience as a speaker is less important than your desire to be the best speaker you can be.

Whether you are just starting out or want to take a speaking career to the next level, we have education or coaching designed to help you.

The LEADER in Speaker Certification.

The Professional Speakers Federation offers powerful courses to help you be your best as a speaker. Whether you want to just do speaking, or want to combine it with coaching, writing, or influencing in any way, speaking is one of the most powerful conduits to accomplish that.